YOYO having some FUN in Cali, Nov.2014
Foto by Raimund Kallee, THX!!

Name: Joachim ''YOYO'' Schulz
Age: 56
Married, three kids, two boys and a girl; ages 30, 29 & 25
Years skating: 35++
Entering contests since 1979
Current sponsors: Decomposed Sk8; Tracker Trucks; Pleasure Tool bearings, Little Wheels, Horsefeathers Clothing (flow), Sykum Shoes (flow). A BIG thanks to all my supporters!
Titles and contests: German National Champion Freestyle, Regional Champion, Overall Champion (Freestyle, Street,Halp-Pipe,Slalom,Longjump combined); participant of European and World Championships, 2nd place Pensacola PRO Freestyle Contest (Pensacola Florida) , 15th place Pro Freestyle Stubbies Challenge Carson ,CA.
2003 GFSA World Champion most 360° spins
3 rd place Freestyle 2003 GFSA World Championships.
2005 FLIPS Brazil World Champion most 360° spins and 4th place in Freestyle.
2010 Masters World Freestyle Champion in Freestyle
Favourite tricks: stationary 50/50 stuff, fingerflips, footwork, currently working on shove-it combinations and of course the YOYO-Plant.
Disciplines: Freestyle, Street, Half-Pipe, Mini-Ramp, Slalom, Longjump.
For inner city transportation I always use a Slalom board with 20yr.old Tracker midtracks and soft 3dm wheels.

I have always been re-shaping and modifying skateboard decks for my personal needs. For the last eleven years I had cut out my Freestyle decks out of modern day street decks. I was simply tired of all the work involved, so I decided in March 2001 to have my own decks pressed and shaped in Germany. Thinking about other Freestyle enthusiasts as well, the logical conclusion was to offer a complete setup as well, because it still is virtually impossible to find all components in one place. To round up my offer, I even offer custom made nose and tailskids with steel T-nuts.
In 2005 Decomposed Skates was started by the Witter Cheng and we worked out a deal to manufacture and promote the YOYO Freestyle decks to the masses. These decks are manufactured in the US and also available in Germany.
And here we are in 2011!

Site info and owner/ Impressum:

Joachim Schulz
Fasanenweg 37
65824 Schwalbach
e-mail: info(at)yoyoskates.com
Tel. +49-6196 569215

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